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The City of Williamsville requests proposals for reparation of a grant application and grant administration services to assist in a proposed project to be financed with Community Development Block Grant COVID-19 (CDBG-CV) funds. The proposed project improvements consist of new roofing, new flooring, new plumbing, ADA accessible upgrades, new ductwork, and a new generator to the Wayne County Nutrition Center. Total construction costs are estimated at $197,484.

Grant application preparation shall include, but is not limited to, preparation and submittal of all completed grant forms by the appropriate deadline, coordination with the duly procured engineering firm, etc.

Grant administration services shall include, but are not limited to, the implementation of the project in conformance with the following CDBG compliance areas: environmental review, financial management, procurement, contract management, labor standards, equal opportunity/civil rights, citizen participation, acquisition/relocation, and close-out.

Costs associated with grant writing and grant administration shall be submitted as a separate lump sum bid and clearly defined. Contracts executed for grant administration shall be contingent upon the award of the grant and commitment of all project funds.

Information provided to the city shall include:

1)     The firm’s specialized experience and technical competence with respect to grant preparation, grant administration and related work;

2)     The past record of performance of the firm with respect to such factors as accessibility to clients, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules;

3)     Capability of carrying out all aspects of grant related activities;

4)     Cost of services (clearly separate the costs associated with grant preparation and grant administration services);

5)     Documentation of E-Verify requirements; and,

6)     References from previous clients of related work with the firm within the past five years.

1, 2, and 4 above shall receive priority weighting in the final selection.

The above information should be submitted no later than Monday November 8, 2021, at 4:00 pm via electronic mail or regular mail to the City of Williamsville, Attn: Attn: City Clerk, PO Box 88, Williamsville, MO 63967 or lynnschultz111@yahoo.com. For more information, contact the City Clerk at 573-998-2449. The City of Williamsville is an Equal Opportunity Employer and invites the submission of proposals from minority and women, and Section 3-owned firms.


Sandy Joy